Gold Package

Acrylic White with Pearl White Bead Rim Cutlery

• Acrylic White with Pearl white bead rim Appetizer Plates
• Acrylic White with Pearl white bead rim Dinner Plates 
• Clear Dessert Plates or Bowls
• Plastic like Silver flatware (forks, spoons, knives)

• Color beverage and dinner napkins- preselected in advance

Acrylic Glassware

• Water Dispenser with 7 oz plastic cups for water only





    Additional Services available - Contact so we can package your specific needs!

    Staff Services *

    • General Staff
      • Pre and/or Post Event Staff
      • Event Support Staff
    • Certified Bartenders
    • Certified Food Handling Staff

    *Minimum 3 hour hire requirement.

    Coffee or Tea Service - Includes

    • Percolators
    • Coffee or tea powder
    • Insulated disposable cups
    • Sugar and sweeter sachets
    • Creamers
    • Stirrers
    • Bar napkins

    Rentals - Additional  Dining/Glassware

    • Gold Chargers 
    • Glass Dispensers for Lemonade or Iced Tea
    • Dessert round glass bowls


    Rentals - Catering Equipment

    • Buffet Catering Equipment
      •  Chaffing Dishes, Serving Appetizer Platters, Salad Bowls , Condiments Bowls
      •  Any other special requirements
    • Buffet and Cocktail Tables
    • Plastic or Cloth Linens for Buffet and Cocktail Tables

    Exclusions:  Food Pickup and Delivery & Food Warming Equipment

      Questions? Just Ask!

      Sparkle Catering Services clients agree to the following:
      • Client agrees that Sparkle may use third party vendors and chosen by Sparkle to execute services for scope of work requested.

      • Client understands and agrees that no changes to products or quantities can be made within fourteen (14) business days before event. If additions are necessary, it is at the discretion of Sparkle if additional products and services can be provided. If additions are made, additional charges may occur.

      • It is understood, that due to the liability of serving alcohol, the certified bartenders, at their discretion, can make a judgement call, not to serve a guest at an event.  Should such a situation arise, the host point of contact will be contacted, if possible, prior to such occurrence

      • The event planner will add the total number of vendor count that will be supporting the event to the final catering requirements. Alternate vendor meals can be arranged as well based, if agreed in advance.

      • Client also agrees, that if for whatever reason, the event runs over contracted time resulting in staff working over the original contracted time, client will be billed for the additional time  in a later invoice

      • In addition to the delivery fee  and state taxes , a service fee (15%)  will be added to your final invoice

      • If the final accepted contract for event is deviated from in any way, resulting in a shortage and additional product needed for event, additional delivery fees and charges will occur. Client will not be charged delivery fee if the shortage is due to improper management of Sparkle

      Payment Terms
      50 % - upon contract signage
      25 % - Thirty (30) days month before event
      25 % - Seven (7) days before event